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Title: FPP slaves to a master windows computer running LOr
Post by: ericmolnar on December 17, 2018, 05:25:55 PM
Curious if itís possible to sync fpp raspberry pi computers with a windows computer running LOr. We run a show with much video; the windows computer is playing a 2048x1536 video that is then split to 4 projectors. We added a fifth projector but have to trigger via a command line call at the beginning of each LOr sequence. The command line calls a video player running on a raspberry pi. It works but the video isnít really tight; it can take 1-3 seconds to trigger...thus its off from the main movie.

We canít get rid of the windows computer since we do projection mapping and need the dedicated gpu to render the video. Plus, we use windows only hardware to split the main movie to the four projectors.