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Title: Pixels and Pigtails
Post by: Tom L on December 31, 2018, 08:43:58 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am planning on adding pixels for my 2019 display.

I am currently using the following:
I am planning on adding the following:

However, I am a little confused about pixel providers and the different types of pigtails.

I have read about a few different pixel providers on this (and other Christmas light) forums.  It looks like there is a preference for Ray Wu's store but there are others (especially if you want to buy state-side).  Below is a list I came up with:

For each of these stores, I would like to know if they are a full time business or a hobbyist running a store out of their garage.  Also, for the "garage" stores the names of the folks running them.  (I was talking to Greg Brewster <Lights on Jacob Lane> today and he was referring to the stores with the names of the folks who run them and I thought it would be good to know the names so I can make the association.)

Also, what (if any) difference is there between the two Ray Wu's stores.

I wanted to buy state-side and was looking at either CFoL or DIY LED express. I want to settle in on one provider due to the next question.

I have seen references to the following pigtails (most of this information I got from the pigtail options for the F16V3 Ready to Run Controller in David Pitt's store.):

What is the difference.  Also I am assuming the "HC" for xConnect is for Holiday Coro, is that correct?  Also, I am not sure how Falcon relates to xConnect because I thought Falcon only sold electronics.

I want to make a decision soon so I can get in on any January pre-sales that may exist.


Title: Re: Pixels and Pigtails
Post by: Todd on December 31, 2018, 10:20:38 PM
E mail Ray directly for a quote with shipping - mailto:ray@rita-light.com. Include exactly what you want. Wire spacing, node type, voltage, Ws2811 or whatever your looking for, special ends, etc....
Title: Re: Pixels and Pigtails
Post by: Todd on December 31, 2018, 10:22:44 PM
Also I use a mix of 5v and 12v rgb's so I use different ends for the different voltages so I can not accidentally plug them into the wrong voltage.
Title: Re: Pixels and Pigtails
Post by: jnealand on January 01, 2019, 08:39:38 AM
Stateside you can add
WiredWatts.com Atlanta area
pixelsequencing.com NJ

Never heard of Ziff and I read a lot of Christmas forums.
All the vendors have their fans and detractors.  Pick one and order something.  Get started.  A Falcon PiCap and powersupply will let play with pixels and control LOR (in DMX mode).  Once you have 100 pixels and something to control them you will learn a lot.
I have lights from Ray Wu, Crockett, pixelsequencing and DIYLEDexpress.  They all work fine.
Ray Wu was one if not the only one early in the game for lights for DIY folks.  That's who I started with many years ago and I still order at least once a year.

xConnect pigtails seem to becoming a new standard that all vendors will offer which will improve the interoperability of getting lights from different vendors.  Just do not put lights from different vendors on the same prop as there may be subtle difference in color or color order which just complicated things.

Title: Re: Pixels and Pigtails
Post by: Tom L on January 02, 2019, 12:02:20 AM
Thank you both for your wealth of information and your quick responses.