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Title: XLights FPP Generic Serial to Arduino clarification
Post by: symbiotic1 on March 12, 2019, 04:34:09 PM
I'm testing a setup for controlling LEDs using PWM via an Arduino. It's connected to my Pi via USB and set up in the outputs as a Generic Serial device.

In XLights I created a Null network for the ports and created individual dmx floodlights for each led in the models. (I wasn't sure if that was the right option but couldn't find just a simple 1 LED model item.) When I create a sequence in Xlights I tried a few effects including DMX, candle, shimmer.

When I uploaded this to FPP and tested the sequence only the DMX effects played and during the other effects everything was off. Perhaps I set up something wrong? Is DMX the only effect option for this setup? Is there a way to make the other lighting effects output the dmx values in those channels so they output properly over Generic Serial on FPP?