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Title: F8 frustration - solved
Post by: jnealand on November 30, 2014, 11:09:44 AM
Very frustrated with F8.  I have 6 arches attached to an F8.  Each arch has 48 TM 1804 nodes.  I have been trying to step thru the color selections to match up my colors with the colors of string mounted on my house that use SSCs with Falcon firmware.  When I turn on a single color in xlights the house and arches are different colors.  First I played with changing one arch and stepping thru the colors.  Then the F8 quit responding.  I powered it off and waited for it to reset.  Came back on, but after a couple of changes the F8 quit responding again.  After another reset I configured each arch to one of the 6 choices and stepped thru the RGB test section to determine which arch matched the rest of the lights.  Now that I have the correct color setting the F8 is not responding again.  I have now removed the F8 to my shop and will reflash the firmware and reconfigure the colors and channels before I take it back outside and connect it to the arches.  Hopefully that will get it set once and for all.  The frustrating part is that it keeps locking up and not responding although I am not touching any hardware and just sitting at the computer and running thru multiple configurations.
Title: Re: F8 frustration
Post by: sielbear on November 30, 2014, 11:30:05 AM
I'm 99% sure I've experienced the wrong color issue like you have - I was on Universe 1.  First output was correct (right color with sequence), Outputs 2 - 4 were incorrect - they were shifted so that red output was showing up as blue.  Output 5 was right again. 

When I sent test commands in xlights, I did not get consistent colors even though all outputs were set identically. 

I moved to an F16 and the problem seems to have gone away. 
Title: Re: F8 frustration - solved
Post by: jnealand on November 30, 2014, 03:31:46 PM
The problem I have with light testing appears to be an xlights issue.  Ans more specifically with using the select all function.  I have been informed that the best way to test the colors is to go to the first channel of the element in question and select it.  Then use the first tab (standard) in the test section.  Drag highlight intesnsity and speed sliders all the way down put background intensity all the way up.  You now have the first color in the color order,  unselect the first channel and select the 2nd channel and see what color comes up.  You now have the second color in the color order.  Then go to the 3rd channel and you now have the correct color order that your hardware is configured for.  Now to finish up my SSC configuration, get everything back to the yard and run a show.
Title: Re: F8 frustration - solved
Post by: zwiller on November 30, 2014, 06:43:42 PM
NOW you tell me how to do this...   ;D  I KNEW there was someway to do it.  The way things are progressing, I bet it won't be long before there is an auto color order solution and we won't have to worry about it. 

I am not saying Falcon gear is perfect, but I think it is FAR less wonky than other stuff.  My opinion of the actual issue you may have had, it was possible some data packets from XL or something was still in the wire when the programming was happening.  I found myself leaving XL with output checked and running the controller software simultaneously.  I had all sorts of issues and as soon as I got ready to go full elf speak, I saw that little checkbox still on in the xlights...   At any given time I was running 3 blinky related application at the same time and were each capable of sending data.