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Title: Falcon-16 Models and Build Kits
Post by: Kevin on May 09, 2013, 09:17:32 AM
The Falcon-16 Pixelnet controller is able to be built a few different ways.  Their is the Standard and the Deluxe version of the board.

If you Purchase the Standard Build Kit you will get all the parts necessary to build the Falcon-16.

The Deluxe build kit is the same as the Standard kit, with the exception of the Screw Terminals that are used to connect the light strings to the board have been upgraded to a plug-in type connection. Therefore the Lights strings are easier to connect and disconnect from the board.

The Active Pass-through option will work on either the Standard or the Deluxe version and includes 4 RS485 chips and related parts to provide your Falcon-16 an amplified output for the 4 pixelnet universes.  This option can be added at anytime by replacing the soldered wire jumpers on the 4 RS485 holes in the top right with this kit.

The pre-built board available in the store is the Standard.

The link to the build kits is now in the Store.