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Title: Erratic lights
Post by: Michael on December 13, 2016, 03:29:13 PM
I am using a Falcon 16v1 board to drive 12 strings of 120 node led 18xx flex strips. 

The first ~ two segments of the led string on port 12 are erratic when the sequence plays.  The rest of the string works, but the colors are off.  All the lights go off when the song stops, it looks like the lights are being controlled, based on the patterns of the lights. ie. The lights fade to the music.

1.  Strings work fine in test mode.  
2.  Strings work fine when in test mode from FPP.  (color chase.)
3.  Using Falcon V2, I connected a string to a port, and set to the same channel numbers as port 12 on the Falcon 16v1.  The string works fine.  This leads me to believe the sequence data is valid. 
3.  I am starting at channel 129 on port 1, up to 4448.
4.  The Falcon 16V1 is plugged into the Falcon 16V2 on port 1 

Ports 13-16 are disabled, but am sure I have overlapping numbers.  I am going to ensure all ports have unique numbers.
I think the firmware is the original firmware.  Since its so late in the season, I don't want to risk updating firmware. 

I am having a hard time understanding why #2 works, but playback of the sequence doesn't since the output in both cases is from FPP.

Is there an easy way to tell if this is a firmware issue that has been fixed in the later release?

Any thoughts on additional troubleshooting steps? 

Title: Re: Erratic lights
Post by: t.jo13 on December 13, 2016, 06:18:37 PM
I would try and update your board to 1.11 beta.  There is a video on how to do it . its really not hard . If you are not updated then It would probably be most peoples first troubleshooting tip. As far as thr v1 board, Did you try reflashing it with the latest firmware again. sometime that will solve Issues. If you are one channel off somewhere it can cause color issues,did you double check that?  Also there are color order choices as well. Just some Ideas.
Title: Re: Erratic lights
Post by: zwiller on December 14, 2016, 06:31:03 AM
A PN universe is only 4,096 channels so you are crossing over at (yes) string/port 12 by my estimations.  End channel on port 11 is 4,089, right?  So on port 12, 6 channels work correctly and that takes us to 4,095, then would I bet 3rd pixel turns red (4,096) but then it goes downhill/off color...  You will need to set that port up for using universe 1&2 in utility and jumpers on F16 accordingly.  Should be a snap! 
Title: Re: Erratic lights
Post by: Michael on December 14, 2016, 01:30:24 PM
All pixelnet jumpers are down on the board. I have the controller set to universes 1 & 2 via the config utility.  I am connecting to Port 1 on the FV2 which supports all 4 universes. 

Attached is my config info.  Poor photo.  :(  Do you see any issues?

Is it okay to split a string between two universes or should I force string 12 to start on universe 2?  
Title: Re: Erratic lights
Post by: zwiller on December 14, 2016, 01:45:29 PM
Photo is fine.  Darn, thought I had that one!  You should not have a problem crossing universes setup that way but we cannot deny the issue is the 2nd universe, right?  Do you have the serial info filled in the v2 page for port 1?   
Title: Re: Erratic lights
Post by: Michael on December 14, 2016, 10:10:47 PM
On the FV2, Port one is set to PixelNet channel 1.  I also have port 2 set to PixelNet channel 1 running out to a DLA PixelNet hub.  On the FV2,  port 1 will output all 4 universes, right?  I wonder if I need to set Port 2 output on the FV2 to 4096.  I could then move the DLA Pixelnet Hub to Port 3 starting at channel 1.
Title: Re: Erratic lights
Post by: Michael on December 14, 2016, 10:20:42 PM
That was it.  On the FV2, I had to set port 2 to output at 4097.  Thanks Zwiller for helping point me in the right direction.