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Title: only half a mega tree
Post by: animal on November 30, 2017, 06:27:06 PM
ok here is what I have. v16v3 with port 1 set to serial pixel. It goes to a dla active hub jumpers set to 1st universe running my wreath, all good their. Then pixel out to another 1 of 2 dla active hub jumpers set to 1st universe for the mega tree 11 strings with 11 controllers 84 pixels per string. All good. Pixel out to pixel in on 2nd dla jumpers set to 2nd universe start channel 4097 to the 12 string. No go. I have the falcon ssc firmware on the sscs and I programmed them with a dla active hub and ether dongle, set with the falcon ssc software. Now when I got to the 2nd universe I changed the jumpers then set the channel. I'm wondering if I disconnect from the 1st hub, set another serial port for pixel on the 16v3 with a start channel of 4097 and send that to my 2nd hub with the jumpers set for universe 2.   I'm a little stumped. It's crunch time.

                                                 any help would be appreciated. I hate crunch time. heheh
Title: Re: only half a mega tree
Post by: tbone321 on November 30, 2017, 09:56:22 PM
You need to remember that the jumpers on the DLA hubs are just setting the pair of wires that the Hub is getting its signal from.  PixelNet is only good for 4096 channels and the EDT got to 16384 channels by sending out 4 universes, each on its own pair.  Also remember that there is no PixelNet channel 4097, the show channel 4097 in PixelNet is channel 1 of universe 2.  Unless the F16V3 is putting out PixelNet on all four pairs, moving the hub jumpers to anything but one would cut the signal and nothing would happen.  If serial pixel is really PixelNet and it is only outputting on one pair, then you would need to dedicate another port and set it to start at 4097 and leave the jumpers on the hub to universe 1.  Also remember that the controllers also need to start from 1 again but I believe that the falcon programmer takes care of that for you.
Title: Re: only half a mega tree
Post by: animal on December 01, 2017, 05:58:04 PM
 Thank you. I figured it was going that way. It was a long day and night , and I just needed a kick in the head. Thank you for that. LOL! It's all good, and I didn't have to change the start channels.  A little adjustments on the string ports on the 16v3 for the gutters to get the color right, and some adjustments on the network and bang it's been running flawlessly and looking great. Just have the snow machines to set up and we're off and running.
                                                                                             Thanks to everyone,
                              and David if your listening, There's going to be a little extra something in your stocking this year!!!!!!!.

                                                                                    animal (Bill)