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Falcon PiCap / Re: Problems testing my first sequence
« Last post by NOLA26 on Today at 10:41:46 PM »
Uploading from xLights
Falcon PiCap / Re: export from Vixen3 to FPP w/ PiCap
« Last post by bpos on Today at 10:41:30 PM »
Well that did it!
You're a gentleman and a scholar @pixelpuppy!
Thanks for your help.

Heh?  ???
F16v2 Pixel Controller / F16V2R - Can't access string ports menu
« Last post by EButler on Today at 10:33:30 PM »
I have a V2R and this is the 3rd season for it.  I am running firmware v1.11 b006.  I run show with FPP and have routing tables set to access all three falcons in the show.  I can access all menus and screens fine on two of the three controllers (all V2R's). 

The controller in question...I can access and make changes to E131 config, run tests modes from status screen, restart interface from the Network Config page but when I try to access the String Ports to make changes it appears that the controller just locks up.  I have to kill power to restart the the controller.  Has anyone else had an issue like this or anyone have any recommendations to try?

I will try to access this controller locally with my PC tomorrow and see if I can access the  string ports page that way versus thru the pi.  I have not had this issue the previous two sessions.  Should I try to reload the firmware on this  controller?

Thanks for any help
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FM transmitter static after updating to 2.4
« Last post by aknflyer on Today at 10:31:18 PM »
I did post the bug on github as an issue, and 2 others added to the bug.
I've extracted the data that you suggested.  Some obvious differences (marked in red in the attachment).  Being a novice, I can't see anything that points to a change that will help.  Still thinking about that "country" setting.  If you can provide an additional insight it would be a great help as, while I've learned a lot about Linux, I'm without a further clue on how to fix this.

One further piece of information.  I also took a snapshot of the setting in /var/lib/connman after I added the wlan0 interface info to the initial setup.  The output of that is the same as with your modifications with one glaring difference the /wifi_* subdirectory does not exist in that version.  It only exists AFTER I make you modifications.
Thank You,

Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Master-remote communication test
« Last post by aknflyer on Today at 10:18:17 PM »
I know. I can muddle through a few commands with a linux programming doc. But it is slow and takes lots of searching. I do telecom for a living, but learning linux is not high on my priorities. Besides pi was quicker to type.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FM transmitter static after updating to 2.4
« Last post by aknflyer on Today at 10:13:29 PM »
Legacy settings did not work on v2.4. USB on v1.10 worked great. Generic usb audio dongle is ok, but with a bit of background noise between sequences that did'nt exist via usb. I just ordered the soundblaster 3, will see if that helps. I did optimize the volume setting and it is just below clipping and level is same as broadcast stations. So acceptable, but could be better.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FFP 2.4 set up issue
« Last post by gforman on Today at 10:10:44 PM »
My current setup is Raspberry Pi B+ (Master) connected to FPD, connected to various DMX controllers and to F-8 and F-16 v1 and other mixes of hubs FC and DLA all with falcon firmware, a BBB with an osocontroller cape running in the Remote mode connected to a small matrix. all of these were working before the upgrade. all running hard wire on the the same network. I ran the show with new sequences and some from last year and noticed I was only getting the first 8 Channels (DMX), the rest are dark.  I have attached the setup screens.

thank you for your help


Falcon PiCap / Re: Problems testing my first sequence
« Last post by Bwinter on Today at 09:07:31 PM »
I went in and reconfigured the PiCap port assignments and double checked that I had no overlapping channels.  I have uploaded the config to the PiCap and FPP two times and these are the two different outcomes I got.

You’re entering the config manually, or uploading the config from xlights?
Falcon PiCap / Re: Problems testing my first sequence
« Last post by jnealand on Today at 09:06:38 PM »
I recall seeing there are problems with FPP connect and the Picap so I would just enter all the config info in manually and move on with your testing.  don't let this upload issue slow you down.  Come back and test that again in future.
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