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I just sent the backup file to you.
Dkulp - whats the process for rolling over to the master?

Make sure it has internet access, then go to /developer.php page, select "master" from the drop down list.

Yep!  This worked for me.  I am not able to see the correct IP on eth0 and I am able to ping my controller.  My Pi is connected directly to the controller.
Falcon PiCap / Re: export from Vixen3 to FPP w/ PiCap
« Last post by bpos on Today at 08:57:28 PM »
Assuming control setup was done correctly in Vixen and assuming that pixel splicing was spliced with arrows pointing correctly. Then it perhaps boils down to start channel on second string?
As pixelpuppy said we need a screen shot of the outputs in FPP.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Sequences not displaying on new version
« Last post by andywylde on Today at 08:49:31 PM »
Yeah, for sure.   While not a lot of people write their own scripts many do use the canned scripts and it could have a similar effect.   In my defense there isn't much documentation around the fpdmm function.  I just kind of figured it out from looking at the other scripts. 

Dan, one question, can you explain what the other options for the block mode do?   I found the line below inside the countdown clock script.   As the clock sits on top of whatever sequence you are running (I believe) and this script never finishes and so it leaves the block enabled.   Does this allow the FPP player to still write to parts of the block that don't have data but not the parts that does?   Like a mask?   

# Enable the block (pass 2 for transparent mode, or 3 for transparent RGB)
$fppmm->SetBlockState($blk, 1);

I haven't used that script for a while but I thought I remembered it allowing other sequences to play while it ran.

Thanks again,

Make sure network routing is still checked at the bottom of the network screen.  Your addressing sure sounds good to me  If you can connect with 1.8 using the same physical Pi and the same physical cable I'm at a loss to what might be wrong.  I have 4 Pis talking to 4 F16s and they are all working with FPP2.4.2 so I know it works.

ok, forget last comment.  flipped to master then rebooted.  At the top of the screen it only showed one IP address.  Went to the network page and clicked on update network, then clicked on restart network.  Again Reboot.    Attached is the screen shot from top of page.....

still cannot see controller.....

ok, I'm going to be dense here.  make sure what has internet access?  then go to /developer.php on what website....

sorry for the dumb questions

DMX/E1.31 / Re: Xlights/F4V3 Setup Help
« Last post by Powelln on Today at 07:45:25 PM »
I know it can be done, just getting to work seems to be my issue. When my first prop is a hundred pixels, which is 300 channels, but the Falcon says an end channel is something like 56 is confusing.

If the "end channel" is an unexpected number, then your start channel probably didn't start at the beginning of a numerical universe (and it does not have to)  Whether you use 510 or 512 or something smaller as a universe size.

For example, if you did 4 props, each of them 120 pixels. Universe size of 510.
The first prop, Universe 1, would get 1 thru 480 channels. (that leaves 30 channels)
The second prop gets those 30 and then 450 into the next universe (that leaves 60 channels)
The third prop gets those 60 and then 420 into the next universe (that leaves 90 channels)
and fourth prop gets those 90 and then 390 into the next universe (leaving 120 channels unused, but available for use by another prop, but you could leave it unused, and start the next series of props at a Start channel of 1 in a fresh universe)

Now, full disclosure - I don't pay that much attention to universes - I work in Absolute channels, using an Excel spreadsheet to help. For me, that currently starts at 1 and goes up to 154,624 in xLights. Divide that by 512 and that is 302 Universes. Certain props (big ones) I always start at a channel 1 of a Universe. If multiple smaller, related props can squeeze into a few universes, I run them "end to end" with no gaps between.

I don't know if this helps or makes it worse, but Pixels and controllers and xLights are a numbers game.
This helps a lot! I made these adjustments and it's so close to working. I'm getting most of the display to work now except the star. In test mode all the RGB colors are correct but my initial sequence in xlights is all red and the star does two completely different colors than red, like green and blue, which if I remember correctly is because I still don't have the channels set right? maybe?

I am curious though if a prop has 120 lights, why is it 480 instead of 360? Absolute channels actually make more sense to me, but how do you replace a prop with something else? Your show has to be pretty amazing.

This is how I approached the settings:Prop1 has 91 pixels Universe 100Prop2 has 270 pixels, starts on universe 101Prop3 has 79 pixels, starts on universe 103 because of prop 2 using universe 101 and 102.
Prop4 has 140 pixels and starts on universe 104
Anything else you see I'm doing wrong?

***EDIT*** Just went outside to try what I posted above and it worked great! Thanks everyone for the help!
I'm sure "FPP" would be fine.  Still curious that the if statement failed when testing if host != "", when host=getSetting("HostName"). 

Thanks again.
Dkulp - whats the process for rolling over to the master?

Make sure it has internet access, then go to /developer.php page, select "master" from the drop down list.

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