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Learning Center / Re: Blowing fuses
« Last post by k6ccc on Today at 09:52:21 PM »
200 pixels on a port at 100% without power injection WILL blow fuses - at least if it's on for very long.
Falcon Player Plugins / FPP v2.x plugin integration
« Last post by CaptainMurdoch on Today at 09:48:52 PM »
I can add something to the UI to make it so that it wonít list an item twice if it is already found.

The dependency code isnít hooked up yet, I will probably work on that next unless other issues are found.

I think the error you received the first time may be something only looking for a directory and not the pluginInfo.json file.  I will double check that.
Falcon Player Plugins / Re: FPP v2.x plugin integration
« Last post by jcross on Today at 09:37:39 PM »
OK, I pushed some more code to this tonight.  Updating a plugin via the UI now works as long as the plugin allows.

I think I'm pretty much done with most of these changes for now.  I can install the Viewer Control plugin by manually providing the pluginInfo.json URL at the top of the Plugin Manager so will probably shift some focus back to that and start getting some input on the plugin and web site from some alpha/beta testers.

Let me know if you see any issues or are ready to get write access to the pluginList.json file in the other repository. :)

Just checking out your changes.  I saw the After Hours plugin showing up as available (it was already installed on that pi) but when I clicked install I got the message "ERROR: The (fpp-after-hours) plugin is already installed".  So I manually removed it and installed it again using the UI.  It installed and showed up on the list properly.  I then made a copy, uninstalled it from the UI and moved the copy back into the plugins directory and it showed up so it must have been in a strange state on my end (this was the dev pi) since I cannot reproduce it again.

-The system package dependencies did not install (don't know if they are supposed to or if this is just for information in the pluginInfo.json file??)
-adding a custom url and clicking Retrieve Plugin Info keeps duplicating entries in the list, however, the duplicates are removed on page refresh so no real issue there.

Great work!
Oh and I may as well make the request to get access to the pluginList.json in that new repo:)
Falcon Player (FPP) / Enhancement: Integrated FM Transmitter
« Last post by najetset on Today at 08:51:29 PM »
It would be great (I think - without yet putting much thought into this), to integrate an FM Transmitter into FPP.  Seems to me that one could use PWM to generate the appropriate (88-108MHz) frequency modulation signal to transmit piped show audio via an output pin as an antenna.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: ArtNet support in Bridge Mode
« Last post by ericwesley on Today at 08:02:19 PM »
Curses! Well, I will keep looking for another solution to my idea. I'm surprised at how difficult this idea has become to implement.

As always, thank you Captain to you and the developers for the amazing Swiss army knife FPP!
How large a power supply is needed to run a single 4-string diff receiver board?  Can it be powered thru a single output from the F8 distro?
F8-Distro / Re: powering a F8
« Last post by Lights on Edgewood on Today at 07:54:50 PM »
Is one of the eight outputs on the F8-Distro enough to power a 4-string differential receiver board?  I assume yes as each output for the receiver board is rated to 5A the same as the F8.  Could I successfully run eight 4-string differentials from one F8 connected to one 350W power supply?

Learning Center / Re: Blowing fuses
« Last post by Xmas! on Today at 07:38:08 PM »
Can you swap around the phoenix connector to another port?

I did that by swapping the pigtails. I didnít rewire the Phoenix connectors I just unplugged them and swapped
Learning Center / Re: Blowing fuses
« Last post by allknowing2012 on Today at 07:35:55 PM »
Can you swap around the phoenix connector to another port?
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: ArtNet support in Bridge Mode
« Last post by CaptainMurdoch on Today at 07:32:06 PM »
FPP does not currently support ArtNet input.  It has been on the ToDo list for a while but has been low priority.  We have a ticket open about it and I had planned to look at it when converting bridge mode over to a ChannelInput class similar to what I did with the ChannelOutput classes.  This also has been low priority compared to other things so hasnít been done yet.
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