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Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FPP keeps reverting to eth0
« Last post by Macboy on July 16, 2019, 11:52:34 AM »
I thought the 10.X.X.X seemed strange but going through the list of all the connected devices on my network they were/are all listed with 10.X.X.X IPs. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what I'm seeing. Up above I see my network SSID, the IP address (129.X.X.X.X) and then a LAN IP Address which is 10.x.x.x. I think I was using the wrong block of IPs. The router IP address is I've just retried using a static IP of (my DHCP range is set from .2 to .200)

I cannot see the Pi on my network once it restarts and cannot ping the above IP address. "Destination Host Unreachable".

I was/am assuming it's reverting back to ethernet because every time I go back in through the FPP's SSID and check the Network Settings eth0 is the one that's selected. Shouldn't it still have wlan0 selected and be displaying the IP address, etc?

Just saw PixelPuppy's response.....I get it. Should I be turning off the tethering option and then rebooting? I know I can hard wire back to the router to turn it back on if I need to.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FPP keeps reverting to eth0
« Last post by pixelpuppy on July 16, 2019, 11:48:12 AM »
Not sure what you mean it "reverts back to eth0".     BOTH interfaces can be active at the same time.  The config screen only show one at a time and it defaults to showing the eth0 first but that doesn't mean that both aren't active.

Since you are connecting via the tethered SSID, that tells me its not connecting to your home wifi since the tethering mode is "if no connection" which means it only starts up the tethering if it doesn't successfully connect via your other network settings.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FPP keeps reverting to eth0
« Last post by Poporacer on July 16, 2019, 09:47:08 AM »
Your wlan0 address is nowhere near your local network, or is it? Is that by choice? If so, there are several other settings that need to be configured.

An IP address has 4 sets of numbers and all devices in your network will normally all have the same first 3 sets of numbers the same. This is your network, the last number will identify the actual device.

It looks like your network is But you are setting up your wlan0 to Your gateway for the wlan0 is usually on the same network ( as the actual device and the gateway will route the data to the next network if configured properly.

I am not sure what you mean that it switches back to Ethernet setting?

You can connect to a device by either interface, eth0 or wlan0. It will usually default to the best connection.

Do you have a network created? Do you have Static Routes created to access this network? Or is this your home network and the rest is configured incorrectly?

From the screenshots, it looks like you are accessing the FPP from the Tethering option?

What is your router's IP address?

Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FPP keeps reverting to eth0
« Last post by Macboy on July 16, 2019, 09:26:25 AM »

[size=78%]Here we are. This is what I update the settings to, hit the Update Interface button and then reboot. When it comes back it's switched back to ethernet setting. Sorry for the image size - new forum....need to learn the optimum image size for posts.[/size]

F16V3 Pixel Controller / Re: screen setting
« Last post by ducebigalow on July 16, 2019, 07:04:00 AM »
Ok, will give it a try.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: FPP keeps reverting to eth0
« Last post by AAH on July 16, 2019, 01:28:08 AM »
It's probably worth screenshotting the network setup page and sharing in here after you remove the password info.I always change to static IP's as the 1st step after logging into FPP. If you plug FPP into a router or computer that won't give it an IP via DHCP then you won't be able to access it.
Falcon Player (FPP) / FPP keeps reverting to eth0
« Last post by Macboy on July 15, 2019, 11:40:48 PM »
Hello all, good to "meet" you. I'm new to the world of FPP but getting pretty comfortable with things. I seem to be having an issue on my Pi though. On my first install and boot I was plugged into my router with a CAT5 cable and was able to play around with the configuration settings via IP address through a web browser. I then determined I'd like to run wirelessly instead so I reflashed the SD (probably didn't need to do that). I'm able to connect to the Pi through the SSID (FPP) but if I change the settings to wlan it reverts back to eth0 on reboot. I added my Wifi network SSID and password and left it all as DHCP. I don't see the Pi show up on my list of devices on my router the way it does when the CAT5 is plugged in.

Search hasn't revealed any solutions for me just yet.

I'm running iDevices, Mac computers and an Apple Airport router. Please let me know if you need any further detail/info. Kinda perplexed.
XLights/Nutcracker / Re: Center to Outward effect or chase
« Last post by Poporacer on July 15, 2019, 10:52:12 PM »
Since you are in the xLights section, I assume that you are using xLights?
I think what you want is like a small circle that keeps growing? Kinda like a smoke ring?
If so, you will need to create a group of all of your models and then apply a Shockwave effect to the group. You will have to change the x and y coordinates to center it on your tree and adjust the other settings to get what you desire.
XLights/Nutcracker / Re: Center to Outward effect or chase
« Last post by algerdes on July 15, 2019, 07:42:06 PM »
What sequencer are you using?

Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Cannot get BBB to boot from SD card for v2.7
« Last post by JonB256 on July 15, 2019, 06:36:31 PM »
Oddly and unexplained, it seems that persistence is useful.

The BBBs are "supposed to" look for boot info on the SSD instead of the eMMC memory on the board.
The S2 button is "supposed to" force that. But it doesn't always work.

BUT - once it does work, it seems to work from them on. I've experienced it. Others have, too.
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