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Title: SanCloud Beaglebone Enhanced
Post by: dkulp on March 04, 2018, 06:44:01 AM
I purchased a SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced a few weeks ago and finally got a chance to start playing with it.  "out of box", the FPP images don't quite work with it yet.  My next image will.

Basically, the built in barameter/gyroscope consumes pin P9-22 which we need for the Octos.   Thus, i have to disable this.  Right now, I completely disable it, but I'm not sure if I can keep part of it working or not yet.   That said, I don't think we need either of them so not a big deal.

Wifi - I cannot get the Wifi working at all.   wlan0 is visible, but I cannot get it to connect.   Still looking into this

Gigabit network - this works and is definitely faster than the BBB, but not super fast.  speedtest-cli shows the original BBB at about 88Mb/sec.   The BBE is getting about 144Mb/s.  So faster, but not super fast. 

eMMC - the eMMC on this is actually detected as 8GB despite the page saying its the same 4GB.   I do have a request in to see if all of them are coming as 8GB.  This surprised me. 

1GB of RAM - it's ram, works fine.

That said, I doubt it's worth the price premium over the normal BBB.   The gigabit ethernet is nice to have, but likely not needed for most of us. 

Title: Re: SanCloud Beaglebone Enhanced
Post by: JerryPlak on March 04, 2018, 07:25:17 AM
Sounds cool, like to see how you get things working on this unit.

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Title: Re: SanCloud Beaglebone Enhanced
Post by: JonB256 on April 11, 2018, 06:09:47 AM
Dan, the latest V2.0 Master update included the BBB Enhanced in its internal listing. Have you gotten any further in getting wlan0 to work?
(on second look, it appears to have been there already, but now you've added a graphic link for it?)
Title: Re: SanCloud Beaglebone Enhanced
Post by: dkulp on April 11, 2018, 06:42:13 AM

My latest images have a bunch of additional RealTek WIFI drivers and one of them seems to work fine for the SanCloud BBE wifi.   I think if you flip to the in-kernel drivers (on settings page), it won't work, but there isn't really a reason to do so at this point.

Title: Re: SanCloud Beaglebone Enhanced
Post by: dkulp on February 09, 2019, 08:30:07 AM
I received a couple of BBE's last week, both an "Industrial" version that I want to use to replace my FPP master (gigabit port) and a regular version with wifi and RTC to play with. 

First:  the rtc is a separate thing that you need to solder pins onto and then solder that onto the BBE.   Thus, it's not something to play with out of the box.  I haven't even tried it yet.   Definitely a little disappointed about that.  :(

Second: hidden on their website is a pin diagram and if you look VERY closely, it's slightly different than the BBB pinout.   The only real issue is in P8-10.  It's a "NC" on the BBE as they apparently require that underlying pin for that for running the gigabit ethernet.   However, that pin is used on pretty much all the controllers we use.   For the OctoV1, you lose the green off the bottom half of output 1, on OctoV2, you lose the blue off the top half of output 5, for the old F4/F16 and 1.x versions of F8/F32 you lose output 2.  For F8-Bv2, you lose the 4th port on the expansion header.   For my design of F32Bv2 right now, it loses output 1, but since I haven't ordered anything right now, I may re-look at this and see if I can pull a different pin from someplace.   :(

The octo's are the big thing.   There are NO extra pins available, they use all 55 gpio pins so there is no option other than to lose an output.   I was really hoping the gigabit on the BBE's would be more useful with the extra data for the panels, but it kind of sucks to lose an output like that.  Very frustrated about it.