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Title: Network Type For Multi-Brand A/C Controllers
Post by: TastyHamSandwich on April 04, 2018, 01:53:24 PM
So, I've got multiple LOR CTB16PCs and several Animated Lighting LC-16s. By default, the AL controller pinouts are similar, but different, than the LOR pinout. I have made the necessary changes to the pin configurations on the LC-16 boards such that they can run on the same network as my LOR controllers. I've done this many times to many LC-16s, and it works just fine.

My question is this, though: LC-16s work with CTB16PCs when converted, but the LOR controllers are definitely running in DMX mode when this happens, because the LC-16s definitely don't support LOR networks. So, I've got my LOR USB dongle, and I run data out to a daisy-chain of controllers made up of both types. I can use these just fine outputting from LOR directly, or when ran from my DMX show player device, where it has an RS485 output (two, actually :P ) and connects directly w/o the dongle. So, now for the question... What would I set this up as in xLights? 'Add USB' and use 'DMX' protocol? 'OpenDMX'? Could any of this have to do with the pinout still? I wouldn't think so, but I'm fallible as hell.

I've been having an assortment of issues with A/C controllers in xLights, LOR and non-LOR both, ranging from unresponsive controllers and problematic Setup configurations to LOR controllers that partially respond or respond to sequencing in very strange, unexepected ways. I am asking this question from a theory standpoint, and am hoping to avoid any "Try one out and see what happens" response - Any technical info I can get my hands on would be extremely useful, even if only slightly relevant to my current issue.

Thanks in advance.