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Getting Started - Planning for 2019

Started by FrizzleFrak, December 19, 2018, 09:17:54 PM

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Hello all, I am new to the forum and the hobby. I have been looking at it for years and now I finally have the time to get into it!

I am looking at controller selection for my proposed display. I am looking at the F16V3 with differential expansion or just going the F48 route. I can do either a centrally located or distributed topology. If I do central I may push the distance limits by maybe 5 ' on certain elements. I I like the idea of the V3 with differential expansion, since I can do a mix. (Let me know if I'm wrong)  ;D .

The other thing that I have a hard time visualizing is the ports and how that relates to laying out the display topology. I know 1024 pixels/port and that ports get mapped to the elements in XLights. Example being my 3 mini trees total 510 pixels, so I could put them on one port and have pixels left over for another element in that area of the display? I.e yard outlines. (Understanding that power injection or a separate power supply will be required.)  Is the port referencing just the data output?

Attached is an image of my layout from XLights and a PDF sheet of the elements with pixel counts and lengths. Trying to start off in a semi organized fashion....

Thanks in advance!
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I would recommend (as a first controller purchase) the F16v3 since you can add two Differential boards if needed.  That would give you 16 direct pixel outputs (3-wire type or 4-wire type, 8-bit or 12-bit pixel support) plus then 8 Differential outputs to 8 Differential Receivers (32 pixel outputs, support limited to 3-wire, 8-bit pixel types)

I mention the pixel "bit" levels because almost everyone here seems to use the 3-wire/8-bit pixel chips - BUT some will use the others. There are advantages to them, but for me, the cost increase isn't worth it. It may matter to Disney but not to me.
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