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Kulp 16AB to Smart Receiver v2 with A & B Receivers

Started by, November 24, 2021, 10:54:47 AM

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I have a Kulp 16AB with Version 2 Smart Receivers that I purchased this year from Kulp.  I am unable to get receiver B to receive data from Receiver A.  I double checked the DIP switches and even spent time on the Xlights Zoom.  Each smart receiver works in dumb mode and when setup as A.  However, I can't get A to communicate with B.


First - Verify that the terminators are off on the first unit and on for the second/last unit.  Note that I did not say "A" or "B" as they can be in either order on the string.
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I would take a look at the K16 and make sure that it is properly configured for smart controllers.  As algerdes said, there is no order to the positioning of the smart controllers.  IOW, the position has nothing to do with what the controller receives.  That depends on the configuration of the K16.  What you tell it to send to card A will be sent to card A, regardless of its position on the string, as long as it is connected to the correct port and the same goes for card B.  The only positional thing that does matter is that the LAST card in each string has its terminators set on and any others are off.  As an experiment, switch the position of the two cards without changing anything except the terminator settings and see what happens.  If it is still only Card A that is getting data, this it is clear that the issue is either a configuration issue on the K16 or the card you are using for card B is either defective or not configured correctly.

Thanks for the input. I did make sure that the receivers were properly terminated in both scenarios.  I do have the correct smart receivers configured in FPP.  Is this what you mean by making sure the k16 is properly configured for smart receivers?


The output port configuration is different when using smart receivers.  You need to tell the controller what channels are going to each port in the string.  I believe that the default is dumb controllers which gives a single port definition.  If you are chaining controllers, then you need to expand the port definition (usually a + sign) which then allows you to further define them.  Make sure that you are seeing both port #A and #B in in your definitions for 2 chained cards with the correct channels going to each one.


Where are all the manuals?   I have a BBB Smart Receiver V2, too, but I know nothing about the terminator settings, the Test mode, the rotary dial, what it needs to be compatible with a K32, or even the input voltage.


Quote from: tetleytealeaf on February 28, 2022, 03:41:41 PMWhere are all the manuals?   I have a BBB Smart Receiver V2, too, but I know nothing about the terminator settings, the Test mode, the rotary dial, what it needs to be compatible with a K32, or even the input voltage.
Ignoring the goofy beginning, this video goes into a lot of detail about the BBB Smart Receiver V2

Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


Thanks, yeah I saw that.  I guess it does say enough; although it doesn't really say where the rotary dial is set to (since his receiver doesn't have one).  The rotary doesn't have a tick mark, so I don't know what position "A" is.


on the rotary dial, one end of the cross is shaped like an arrow.  the arrow needs to point to the setting you want.  The receivers in that video are v1 receivers not v2.
--Ron A.

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