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BBB and HDMI out to Projector?

Started by Mel, April 23, 2022, 02:40:56 AM

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Hi, is there any way to utilise the HDMI port on the BBB to run a projector from FPP? There is for the raspberry pi, but there isn't the same set up for the Beaglebone's? Is there a script or way to get around this? (I did search, but couldn't find a thread with this info).


If you edit the /boot/uEnv.txt file and comment out the disable_uboot_overlay_video line, the hdmi port should be active.   None of the pixel capes or panel capes will work, but it should allow video.   That said, there isn't any hardware video decoding for the beagle and with the single core, you aren't going to be able to do any sort of high def videos. 
Daniel Kulp -


Thanks so much for the reply @dkulp !  It's the only downside (for me) between the Kulp & Falcon is because I want to be able to project the xlights mp4 sequence file directly out to a projector via the BBB hdmi port without having to use a virtual matrix (like I can with the pi in FPP).

I was hoping the BBB could use the HDMI out (with a cape connected), as the first link seems to indicate they have been able to get video running at 1080p up to 45fps (or at least minimum 30fps). Even 720p would be fine for what I'm after.

HDMI fps 1080px 45fps

'The original BeagleBone board has no on-board hardware to convert digital multimedia signals into an analog form." "The later BeagleBone Black board solves this problem by providing a built-in HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cape for the output of audio and video. As long as the multimedia signals of the processor are properly muxed, this HDMI cape will drive a digital display that is plugged directly into the BeagleBone Black's microHDMI connector without requiring any additional hardware."

I am probably misunderstanding the limitations of the 2 different products - and just in the simplistic sense looking at the hdmi port & wondering why there is no hdmi output option for it in FPP :'( .


Basically, if you enable the HDMI output, 20 of the pins on P8 are then disabled and not usable for GPIO. (technically not disabled, the data for the display is output on those pins)     Since the capes need those pins for outputs, it's generally not possible to have the capes and HDMI enabled at the same time. 
Daniel Kulp -


Thanks Daniel, that makes a lot of sense 👍 gives me an excuse to buy another pi anyway 😂.

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