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P10 panels becoming a "Video" wall

Started by JonB256, December 05, 2015, 05:15:36 AM

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Hello! I just joined the site and found exactly the thread I was looking for! You guys are amazing!

I know I have a lot of learning to do, but before I commit wholeheartedly, I need a second opinion.

I plan on 3 rather large matrix sections this year. Each 16' tall by 3' or 4' wide (haven't nailed down the width yet, some stuff needs to come down before I start measuring). I was originally planning on using regular pixels, but I was thinking of maybe going BIG! The questions I have are about the correct panels to use and actual feasibility of the project. I read that I should keep it at P10 with 1/8 scan, but is there a difference between a square panel and rectangular panel? Will this actually work (is it too much? too heavy?)? I was on RayWu's site (would you recommend him? or a different vendor?) looking at panels:

That was just a short search (P10 only yielded me 6 results). So many different choices, and with such a large purchase, I would prefer to get it right the first time.
Also, some panels are labeled outdoor vs indoor. Is an outdoor panel really ready to go outdoors?

I am sure there are more questions that I am forgetting, but your site and this thread has started all the ideas flowing and I wanted to get this out there before I get too excited about something that may not work.

Thank you

And will it ask me for verification every time I try to post?


Quote from: thebaronn on January 07, 2017, 12:13:56 AM
Hello! I just joined the site and found exactly the thread I was looking for! You guys are amazing!

16' by 3-4' is a huge area to cover with P10 panels.  That would require more two BBB's or three Pi's.  Or, possibly one of the commercial LED receiver boards designed to drive these panels such as the ColorLight board I'm working on adding support for in the thread linked here:,6871.0/topicseen.html

Of the panels you linked to, only the first indoor 32x16 is currently supported by FPP, the P10 I probably wouldn't touch even if it was because of the low resolution and 3 separate LED's.  The outdoor one uses 1/4 scan rate which FPP doesn't currently support.

The verification at post is removed after a few posts, it doesn't last forever and is there to keep spammers away.


Thank you for the reply.

But, I'm not crazy right, this can be done?

I do see that this will be a costly endeavor (nice catch on the 3 led panel, I didn't notice).

Is ray Wu the best option for this? Is there a local vendor with panels that match the needed specs?

Thank you again


Currently there are two sites that are having presales that have the P10 1/8 scan panels:

These are both U.S.--don't know where you are located...


Baron at the distance I believe your house is, I think even P10 would be way over kill, you will have to turn them WAY down in brightness I bet at that density.

The outdoor means just the front is some water resistance, it comes with a gasket to seal up against something, but the back is fully exposed and NOT waterproof.  They show spraying then with a hose fan type spray in places.

What sort of resolution are your trying on the house?  Since you like to change up your display pretty radically each year, would you keep the panels, store them away, or want to sell them after the season or two?  you might be able to make up reader boards you could sell to folks off craigslist to recoup your investment if you wanted to sell them.

Ray is a lovely source, and as noted there were a couple vendors in the states importing them as well.  Just buy extras for whatever panel you get as it's often different color orders and different colors between batches even let alone vendors.

Perhaps with the new 5a thingy and it's config software there would be more control to blend them together.

Now instead have you considered video projection with a good quality high resolution, high contrast projector?  Not sure how big of a virtual matrix FPP could handle, but give you two worlds to play with..


[size=-webkit-xxx-large]Thank you, that explains a lot! I suspected it might not be as easy it becoming a LCD video wall. I'll look into the possibility.[/size]


Hoping to score P10 panels so I can set up a led video wall, too. I'm planning to use it for business though.

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