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Trying to Run LOR Unit on F16VR2 Serial Port

Started by djohnson1810, September 30, 2016, 03:57:08 PM

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I am having trouble getting my CTB16PC Lor Units working on the F16VR2 serial ports.  I am running it off of the FPP.  The LOR unit is setup as Unit 2 and I have a sequence running that should blink light channel 17. 

This is because Unit 1 should be channels 1-16 and Unit 2 should be channels 17-32.  When running the sequence on the Pi the LOR unit LED stays blinking (not solid as it should when it is receiving a signal).

Occasionally while messing with the Serial Ports page (updating it) the light I have attached to the LOR will shimmer for a second or two.

Here are some screenshots of my setup:


How about a picture of which serial port you are using, showing the jumpers.
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


Maybe that is it.  I am currently looking for documentation on the jumpers.  It is a the default as you would get the board.  Here is a picture.

David Pitts

Move them to the LOR side. (FAll three jumper should be furthest position from connector.
PixelController, LLC


I hope my stupid mistakes help someone else.  That worked!



If you ever need to go to DMX on your LOR boards, you can always build that crossover cable.   ;)


Because the F16V2 (Blue or Red) is getting ALL its data from E1.31 input on CAT5, and E1.31 (or SACN) is the term for DMX over Ethernet, that means that DMX is the only thing that is available to go out those four RJ45 jacks. Yes, it can do Pixelnet, but Pixelnet is just DMX on pixel steroids. It cannot send true LOR protocol data

On the F16V2 Blue Boards, if you want to send DMX out to LOR controllers, it needs a crossover cable. Same with DMX out to Renard boards. But, if it is "standard" DMX, then a plain CAT5 patch cable works.

On the newer F16V2 Red Boards, the jumpers for LOR mean you don't need a crossover cable. It is still DMX but adjusted for LOR controllers. Renard still needs a crossover cable.

Of course, Dave Pitts is going to release new hardware for the F16V2 Red (only) that will allow the board to run FSEQ files from a uSD card and even be synchronized like an FPP Remote if desired. But, the serial ports will still only put out DMX or Pixelnet as described above.
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


Thanks for the info, makes sense. I never had much luck with LOR boards and DMX--probably my crazy setup.  All pixels pretty much now--a few Lynx Expresses.


I thought I would ask here.

I have a brand new CTB16PC series 16 channel high voltage AC light LOR controller. It came with a piece of paper stating - This unit ID of this controller has been preset to "01". It is straight out of the box and connected to my f16v2.

Im currently running xlights with a F16v2, Red board with expansion, SW Version F16V2R - v1.09.
[/size]I have moved the 3 jumpers to LOR[/size]. I have tried all three possible outputs.
[/size]The issue im having that that the LOR controller box continue to have a flashing green light. I have not been able to get any life from it.
[/size]Im using Universe 64. I have set the Serial output to the start channel of universe 64.
[/size]Does anyone have any further advice that I could try ?
[/size][size=78%] [/size]


From what I know, you'll need to put your DMX on the first universe since the LOR controller is preset to 01 to make things easy.

When used in a DMX network, the Unit's Unit ID is used to map to the starting DMX address for the Unit's Circuits. The addresses for the circuits on a Unit will be assigned sequentially based on the starting address. For example, if a 16 channel Unit has the Unit ID "01" then the DMX addresses for that Unit's channels are 1 thru 16. With Unit ID "02" the DMX address are 17 thru 32. See the Unit ID - Staring DMX address table.

So create a test sequence using Channels 1 to 16 on the controller, setup your serial ports--I'm using #2 for my Lynx Express.  You should see lights if you have your F16 configured correctly.

You could also change your LOR board preset, but 64 universes * 512 channels / 16 (16 DMX per controller) = 2048 but then they use hexdecimal so if my math is right, you'd have to set your board at 800.  But it's just easier to use Channels 1 through 16 on Universe 1

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