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LOR, FPP and the CMB-24

Started by CoasterBP, October 03, 2016, 06:46:19 PM

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Hey there everyone.

Today, I tried to move my Halloween sequence over to my Pi and I didn't have much luck. Here's what I'm running:

-2 CTB16PC set up as Unit 1 and 2
-1 CMB-24 set up as Unit 3

The sequence is a simple, 2 minute animation sequence. No media.

When I converted it to fseq and load it to the Pi, I try to run it as a test and sometimes I would get just the 2 CTB units working, but never the CMB card.
I'm running it with the LOR dongle attached. I've checked on the FPP output page to enable the LOR dongle and have the USB output selected.

I gave up after a while and when back to just running it from LOR, but here's where it got even more weird. Somehow, during all that testing, the CMB board readdressed itself from Unit 3 to Unit 67. I changed it back and tried the pi again... still nothing. The LED does go solid when the sequence is playing, just no output to the floods.

Anyone have success with this board and just using the dongle or am I going to have to go and run this board as DMX?


K-State Fan

The FPP only outputs 16 channels to each unit.  I had to switch mine to DMX.


I run the 24 ch lor board for floods but run it in Dmx mode and from a E682. Go DMX and never look back. Much better in the long run. I had too many hair pulling issue with lor dongles and lor protocol.

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