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DMX problems with F16V2R

Started by jasems, December 10, 2017, 03:47:13 AM

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I have a strange issue with DMX whenever I plugin multiple pixel strings on the Falcon.

Controlling 1 laser, 6 RGB strings, and 2 dimmer packs with DMX. Using them alone works fine, no issues. Whenever I plugin 1 string of pixels it still works, however when I add a 2nd DMX stops working almost entirely.

Example, I have the Falcon in Test Mode on RGBW. The dimmer packs go through channel 1-4 no problem. I plugin 1st string of pixels and they start color changing w/the dimmer packs and RGB lights. The instant I plugin a 2nd string of pixels the Dimmer packs go out and the RGB lights stop color cycling. It is like the pixels are utilizing the channels of the DMX.

If I set the controller to Run Mode and go in to my sequence in XLights I see similar behavior. RGB and Dimmers are on, the second I turn on more than 1 pixel string they do the same behavior as above. If i turn off all but 1 pixel string they start working again.

I might have to end up just running my chauvet xpress 512 for my dmx to circumvent this issue, but would need a way to send commands from xlights to that. Unless anyone else may have an idea what I am doing wrong.

Falcon is set in Absolute Addressing and only using 1-15 channels of DMX currently. Let me know if you need more information to troubleshoot. Thanks for any help you can provide.


The DMX out of the F16v2 (or v3) is a duplicate of the data sent to pixel outputs. It doesn't cut off DMX if you have an output configured to the same channel range.

Will need to see some screen shots of your String Ports and Serial Outputs screens.
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


I will get some screenshots when I get home from work. I did start my pixel channels at 513 and set my DMX from 1-512. It is boggling where the data is being duplicated hopefully some screenshots will shed some light on the error of my ways lol. Thanks for your reply, more to come later.  ;)


I am just following up in case anyone else has this problem. Separating the power for the board from the power to the pixels some how fixed the DMX issues. No clue why, but that did the trick. I can now control ALL my lights from my phone, yay! lol

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